Exceptional views

With an open view alongside the Boulevard Reyers, the upper floors have stunning views over all of Brussels.

42% more natural light

A full height glazing silhouette, that produces 42% more light than a building from previous generation. Opened on its 4 sides, the Silver BLDG is organised around a central patio which helps to add a nice natural light to all surfaces.


Located on the Boulevard Reyers, at the end of the E40 highway Brussels-Liège, in the eastern part of Brussels, the Silver Building ensures your company stays connected more than ever, close to the road network and city center.

Numerous companies have chosen this location for its proximity to the airport and the residential areas of the east and south of the city.

Distance to public network:
With the (pré)metro Diamant in front and the Place Meiser in just 3 to 5 minutes’ walk, the Silver building becomes very well accessible to all employees.

The 'real time' situation of all buses & trams in the neighbourhood can be seen on the map at the very bottom of this page. Please click on the icons to see when the nearest bus/tram arrives or how many Villo!’s are still available.

Facilities – Silver Conciergerie Services

  • Entrance lobby with free wifi (informal meeting area):
    An impressive unique business lobby suitable to welcome your visitors and have informal meetings. Complimentary coffee and tea will also be on offer throughout the day
  • 2 conference rooms (2x 30 persons):
    Free of charge and accessible to all the occupants of the building, available through the online FlatTurtle reservation system. The meeting rooms are fully furnished and equipped
  • Restaurant with terrace:
    Fresh homemade sandwiches, salads, soup and lunch specials. Available in the restaurant, at the outside patio terrace or in the office
  • Laundry services by facility lockers:
    Drop your clothes off in the lockers at level -1 at any time of day or night and have them available -- cleaned -- 48 hours later
  • Bicycle park, showers and changing rooms with secured lockers

Technical Equipment

Construction year: 2001
Renovation year (entrance, reception and patio, patio and HVAC): November 2015 – June 2016

HVAC: Cold Ceiling air conditioning
Raised Floor: Heightened Computer subfloor and high quality anti-static carpet
Ceiling & Lighting: Acoustic Micro-perforated Ceiling Metallic panels with Brandrasters & lighting fixtures 400 Lux equipped with reflectors at low luminance
Carpet: Heavy Commercial use Antistatic Carpet Tiles, with Sound Absorption, Safety made from 100% recycled content
Toilets & Kitchenettes: separate Toilets (M&F) & Kitchenettes on each floor
Free Height: 2,60m
Modulation: 0,90 m – 1,80 m – 0,90 m
Windows: Structural glazing façade (high performance thermal and acoustic)
Access & Safety: At night closure by guard & Fire Detection System
Elevators: Each floor has 3 vertical circulation cores with each time 4 elevators serving all office floors and parking levels:

  • 1 elevator/ goods lift 1250 kg - 16 persons
  • 1 elevator/ goods lift 1000kg - 13 persons
  • 1 elevator/ 800 kg - 10 persons
  • 1 elevator/ 630 kg - 8 persons
  • A visitors elevator in building A serves the parking levels and the ground floor


Horizontal and vertical efficiency that allows you to rationalize and regroup your employees.

The Silver building is an office complex of ± 24.560,9 sqm. The complex is made of 3 variable entities around a large patio. As each module is linked one to another, the Silver building can offer your organisation to 2.256,6 sqm offices on one floor. The floorplates of the B building are very easy to divide on request.

Highly flexible floor plans that work for almost any type of business.

The Silver building offers large floor plates which are very well suited for closed offices as well as for open space purposes

Highly efficient, flexible floor plates allow for very high density occupation.

Special attention was paid to the flexibility of the office space. The layout of the building and partitions are based on alternating modules of 90 and 180cm, which allows you to get office spaces of 2,70m, 3,60m, 4,50m and 5,40m.

In combination of two different dephts of the wings of the building, the modularity gives you liberty in the layout of your premises and ensures excellent results on work post/m2 locative, in case of both individual offices and open space.


info@silver-building.be - +32 2 214 61 37

The Silver Bldg
Reyerslaan 70
1030 Brussels

Silver building is a building of Allianz Benelux.

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